In the cyberpunk future of Cyberblade...


... the last of humanity survives deep beneath the surface of Neo Mars. In the darkest depths of the Troezen Enginestate, change dances on the abyssal wind. Cyberpunks fill their arms with weapons, their bodies steel, and once capable of shrugging off bullets they receive a new name—cyberblade.


For when the streets are slick with acid rain, only the cyberblades can hope to fight against every threat of monster and man. Yet as the cyberblades transcend the limits of humanity, strange secrets unravel in forgotten places, and a shadowy group implement plans a decade in the making.

All the while Lex plans her escape to the surface—with a thinking battle-droid at her side, a family full of secrets, and deadly-determination, she dares attempt to break through the steel skies that separate her people from paradise. One way or the other, she'll either reach the surface and live under the blue sky above or drag her enemies down into Hades where they can burn together.


William Z. Stone's Cyberblade: The City Of Five Skies unleashes the gritty future in all of its neon glory. Troezen is an engine sized city waiting to blow. His characters burst from the page—stinking of blood and engine grease—eager to drag you along for an epic dystopian adventure.


Sick since the day she was born, Lex wasn't supposed to last seventeen hours. Seventeen years later, Lex discovers the joy of piloting battle-droids on the eve of her transfer to the surface. If she makes it to the fresh air of Upstairs, she'll save her family, at the cost of her own happiness. But if she fails to score a one-way ticket through the steel skies, Lex will need to fight, and claw, and burn to carve her people a place in the warlike floors of Undercity.

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10,000 solar years in our future, humanity gasps under the rule of cyborg kings.

From the Second Floor of the Troezen Enginestate, Lex hasn't seen the real sky since escaping the war-torn region of her homeland. Now, deep beneath the surface and trapped between warring gangs, Lex dreams of seeing the Big Blue again.

With a thinking battle-droid at her side, Lex strikes bargains with rogue cyberpunks and battles mad cyborgs in a brutal quest to either work with the system or bring the whole city-sized engine crumbling into the abyss.

With a looming revolution among the debt-slaves and shadowy plans moving the gears of power in strange ways, Lex won't have much time to choose. Either someone lights the spark that burns the world to ash or they win, and humanity remains forever bound in invisible chains.

If you're looking for a Cyberpunk 2077 book with a dystopian fiction twist, then Cyberblade is perfect for you. Liam Turner

A jaw-dropping cyberpunk adventure filled with Greek gods, plasma swords and a dystopian government. Jonothan Rodgers

Joining Lex through fights, drama, turmoil and intrigue has left an impact most books lack. Chance Logan

Hovertrains, battle droids, and debt-slaves; Cyberblade is an insane world that hooks you right from the start.  Andy Zhan