Image by Jeremy Bishop

In our cyberpunk future...

... the last of humanity survive deep beneath the surface of Neo Mars. In the darkest depths of the Troezen Enginestate, cyberpunks halt their endless wars. Instead, they fill their arms with weapons, their bodies steel, and become full-fledged cyberblades.


For when the streets are slick with acid rain, only the cyberblades can hope to fight against every threat of monster and man. Yet as the cyborg warriors transcend the limits of humanity, strange secrets unravel in forgotten places, and a shadowy group implement plans a decade in the making.

All the while Lex plans to escape to the surface. With a thinking battle-droid, a family full of secrets, and deadly-determination, she aims to break through the steel skies that separate her people from paradise—either reaching the Big Blue above or dragging the enemy down to Hades where they can burn together.

But no matter what, Lex won't be just another cog in the enginestate.